Perfect Attendance Recipients Receive Recognition

Perfect Attendance Recipients Receive Recognition
Group photo of all perfect attendance recipients recognized.

Students who had perfect attendance last quarter were recognized on Monday, Nov. 13th, at Red Mountain Middle School. Principal Richmond along with the assistance of the Student Success Liaison, Rani Singh, presented each student who had perfect attendance with a certificate of achievement, a Golden Ticket that can be used for extra credit in one of their classes, as well as a fun bird pen.

The students who received recognition for their perfect attendance during the first quarter of the school year were:

  • Chelsea Aguilera
  • Kash Albrecht
  • Delilah Barron
  • Alejandra Bravo
  • Lucio Caballero
  • Jonathan Calderon
  • Darnell Carreon
  • Aaliyah Carrillo
  • Samantha Castro
  • Neyma Chavez
  • Nicolas Chavez
  • Soumaya Chavez
  • Alisson Devora
  • Jose Fernandez
  • Cheyenne Fetrow
  • Kara Fetrow
  • Ana Fierro
  • Pedro Flores
  • Makayla Galaz
  • Adrianna Gamez
  • Naydalyn Garcia
  • Roberto Garcia
  • Samantha Garcia
  • Lorenzo Garcia Lopez
  • Anthony Gentile
  • Genesis Gutierrez
  • Jeremiah Hernandez
  • Vianey Hernandez
  • Enrique Hernandez Ruiz
  • Ismael Jaramillo
  • Alijah Kinsey
  • Megan Loredo
  • Alexiah Lucero
  • Jasper McGinnis
  • Lisset Milo
  • Evelyn Montes
  • Angel Moreno
  • Victor Munoz
  • Jakob O’Toole
  • Alejandro Orozco
  • Annette Orozco
  • Brianna Ortega
  • Viana Perez Lara
  • Nathaniel Ponce
  • Diego Quintana
  • Avril Quinteros
  • Pedro Ramirez
  • Yuliana Ramirez
  • Oscar Rivas
  • Juan Rodriguez
  • Ramiro Rodriguez
  • Estela Sandoval
  • Daxton Schulke
  • Keyra Sedillo
  • Brian Sepulveda
  • Julie Silva
  • Adriana Soto
  • Sedra Stefan
  • Madison Stevens
  • Josue Tafoya
  • Iyeesha Thompson
  • Hunter Turpen

There are a lot that factors that go into success at school and attendance is a big part of it. We are proud of our students who attend everyday and work hard to learn the lessons presented to them.

Students posing with their awards from the special recognition program on Nov. 13, 2023.