November Positive Behavior Recognition

November Positive Behavior Recognition
Wildcat Paw-sitivity

At Red Mountain Middle School, we want to encourage students to demonstrate positive character and citizenship, as part of this we have special recognition time for students who have demonstrated qualities of respect, responsibility, scholarship, leadership, helpfulness, and more. Being good citizens and role models for their peers.

For the month of November, we recognize:

  • Aerona Stewart, 8th
  • Alejandra Bravo, 8th
  • Alejandro Perez, 8th
  • Braulio Gomez, 8th
  • Alexander Leanos-Gomez, 8th
  • Braydon Lane, 7th
  • Destiny Hidalgo, 7th
  • Evangelina Palomarez, 8th
  • Felipe Chavez, 7th
  • Gohan Rager, 7th
  • Hector Robles, 7th
  • Jeremiah Hernandez, 8th
  • Kimberly Luna, 8th
  • Leilani Sera, 7th
  • Levon Padron, 7th
  • Lorenzo Garcia, 8th
  • Noah Carlos, 7th
  • Pedro Flores, 8th
  • Ricardo Torres, 7th
  • Richie Holguin, 7th
  • Robert Sweetser, 7th
  • Viana Perez, 8th
  • Yaretzi Maldonado, 8th
  • Yazlyn Munoz, 8th
  • Zakary Ausmus, 7th

Keep up the good work Wildcats! We are so proud.