Students Participate at Regional Spelling Bee

Students Participate at Regional Spelling Bee
Posted on 04/11/2024
DPS students who participated in the bee.

RMMS student, Diego Quintana, competed at the Regional Spelling Bee at Bowie High School in El Paso on March 22nd. There were 36 candidates.

Diego made it past 5 rounds, correctly spelling each word given to him. On the 6th round (being in the final 8), he was stumped by the word “veritable” when he spelled it vAritable—thinking it was associated with the word variety. He was disappointed to be eliminated, yet he cheered up with the excitement of watching the last contestants fight their way through 4 more intense rounds! We were all at the edge of our seats, and thrilled when a champion was finally named! All of the candidates did wonderfully, and we were proud to be there taking part in such an exciting event.

The young girl pictured with Diego was the only other participant from Deming—attending Chaparral Elementary, I believe. Winners can be seen in the background with the Bowie High School mascot! 1st place winner, Enoc, feels he may try again next year, though now he is just relieved to have it behind him.

Article provided by parent, Raquel Quintana.

Diego Quintana and Parents

Diego Quintana and parents after the Regional Spelling Bee.