RMMS Band Wins 3rd at State Competition

RMMS Band Wins 3rd at State Competition
Posted on 04/22/2024
Band Students on Stage

Our RMMS advanced band students performed amazingly at the State Band Competition and came home victorious with high rankings and the 3rd Place Trophy!!🏆

We were the smallest school group to compete with only 16 students. Our students performed for the judges at 10:30am in the amazing Cleveland High School Concert Hall. That in itself was an amazing thrill and honor—what a grand place that was! After giving their best, whole-hearted presentation, students gathered off-stage with an emotional Mr. Lang. Their tearful director could barely speak as he congratulated them for their hard work, commitment and exceptional performance. He said he felt honored to have had “the best seat in the house.”

After loading instruments back onto the bus and enjoying a delicious catered lunch, we returned to the grand concert hall and watched as group after group performed their competition pieces. It was very exciting! Every group was SO talented—and large! Some groups had as many as 50 to 70 students and a vast array of instruments…one group even incorporated a magnificent grand piano, rolled onstage and played by a student as part of their performance!! The whole experience was thrilling, and I think I speak for most of the students when I say, by the end we felt quite small and defeated, yet just so delighted to be there.

Finally, the awards ceremony commenced after the final performance at 5pm. Though not quite hopeful, we were anxious to see which schools those 3 shiny trophies would go to. The giant hall went completely silent as the presenter read: “In 3rd Place with a score of 93.283…is Red Mountain Middle School!” After a half-second of disbelief, our students, parents, chaperones and Mr. Lang stood and shouted out with cheers of uncontainable excitement! The students seemed to be in bit of shock still as they walked up to the stage to receive their trophy. I won’t forget all of the huge smiles and trembling hands as students passed the trophy around—as if everybody had to touch is to believe it was really theirs. What a special and unforgettable experience it was—one that we will remember always! Go Deming Wildcats!!

Great thanks is due to those who fought to make this trip happen and offered their enthusiastic support…and all who planned and generously funded the trip. What a difference all of the little details made for the kids! Before boarding the bus, beautiful new Wildcat Band T-shirts were distributed to every student with their name on the back. These had been made generously by one of the parents, as well as special shirts for the leaders and chaperones! Then on our way up to Albuquerque, each student and adult was given a special lunch sack with music designs on the outside and tied together with beautiful music-print ribbon. Inside was a variety of tasty snacks, a music-print bracelet, stickers and a keychain, and even a sucker with a music note imprint! I don’t know who did all that, but RMMS Band must have a pretty amazing booster club! They went all out, and the kids sure noticed!

Article and pictures courtesy of Raquel Quintana, one of our RMMS Band parents and chaperone.

RMMS Band performing on stage